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Everything is illegal.

March 18, 2012


What do you think about the balance between government control over personal risk and responsibility and the government finding a need to “provide protection” from that risk?

First off… I will say I am very much a Libertarian leaning conservative.  What I mean by that is I believe in the smallest possible government as truly called for in the Constitution and nothing more.   I don’t believe the Constitution is a dynamic living breathing document that changes with the times.  In my previous post I posted about how our language is dynamic and appears to be very fluid over time.  I don’t believe the Constitution is or should be considered or viewed in the same way.  I also believe that we do not need the government to tell us what to eat how much to eat, or anything related to what we wish to consume.  I don’t mind there being some restrictions as to age for certain substances just as there is age limits on use of certain machinery or other potentially dangerous devices when there is potential to harm another or another’s property.   This video is of John Stossel’s show today titled “Everything Is Ilegal”.  Why I usually don’t agree 100% with everything John has to say, I do agree with 80%+.  The issues in this video that I’d like to point out that i feel should be most worrisome to most people are those dealing with the EPA or other environmental type organization.  I think most people will see those and be surprised at least somewhat…possibly to the point of wanting to find out more information regarding those stories.

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